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Below are our fantastic sellers shops, complete with all the information you need! Check out each individual sellers items, ask them a question or two if you need more information or use they're built in contact forms to get more information or have any queries.

BAJ Crafts

Blue Sky Bags


Wilde About Crafts

Lucy Furr



The Soap Shack

Cards, Crafts and Creations

Kellys Crafts and Jewels

Sharrons in Stitches

Made By Ailis


Little Bag of Herbs

Just A Little

Fizz 'n' Soak

TP Trinkets

Sparkles Gifts

Lets Embroider This and That

Crafty Cotton

Handmade Cards by Sarah

Wards Buttons & Beyond

Sewn By Katie

Want to become one of our sellers?

If you make 100% handmade crafts within the UK and would like earn extra money from your hobby or established business, Join us to take advantage of 0% commission sales with no listing fees on unlimited listing! So whether you have a small collection or have many different ranges, everyone is welcome here. We want to celebrate the small businesses that have incredible craftsmanship and need the extra exposure to help their businesses thrive. For more information on becoming a seller, head on over to our seller area.


Alternatively, you can search the shop section of our website for some inspiration from our sellers and enjoy a little bit of retail therapy which is always good. We have a wide variety of items available from sugar roses, handmade jewellery, decoupage home decor items and oh so much more!


All of our crafters have been vetted and checked and have passed our meticulous checks so rest assured each item you purchase or look at is handmade and definitely made in the UK. Each one is handcrafted with love, care and time, making each product truly unique and special. Every product is made using high quality materials, whereas a high street chain imports cheaper materials from all around the world, mass producing their items so they can make them cheaper than what a crafter can afford to do after purchasing materials, designing and crafting their products.