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Welcome to the sellers area

Here is a breakdown of the type of fees you can expect when you join up as one of our wonderful sellers!


£2 membership (monthly)


0% commission

Unlimited listings

Zero transaction fees

Own shop store front

24/7 support

CSV upload and support

Cancel anytime.

That's it, no hidden fees, no other charges (except where PayPal is concerned e.g transaction fees) sound good? We think so! Sign up today and receive your own dedicated storefront on our website with unlimited product listings, your own SEO for each product etc, your own shipping rates, privacy, shipping, returns and refund policies and no listing fees. Basically, it's like having your own shop! With only a small overhead... the membership fee, the rest is pure profit! Don't be fooled we do inspect all products/sellers to make sure they comply with our standards and only sell 100% handmade items! There are no strings attached so if it's not for you then please let us know if we can help in any way, if you decide to cancel membership, your shop will remain on our marketplace until that month is up, unless you request deletion. After registering to become a seller we need to manually approve you then you will receive an email with instructions to get you started on your very own shop.