About Us

Handmade crafters UK opened it’s doors early 2018 and is run by the owners of Wilde About Crafts and Wilde-Enterprises. Together we created this website to enable like minded crafters the ability to sell their handmade items to like minded customers.

We help talented crafters go from just selling at events to having their own shop, where they can interact with their customers, gain insights into their products, keep track of what’s hot and what’s not, market trends etc. By doing this we help keep human interaction alive in an ever changing would where everything is being computerized and automated. We hope to help deliver that extra little something that makes shopping for loved ones, or looking for something special or a one of a kind so memorable.

We take security very seriously here so all of our crafters are meticulously vetted to ensure they only sell 100% handmade items and that with our encryption your email addresses stay secure, payment details are encrypted and protected and that your accounts are only ever accessed by you! We hate bots and spammers so we keep those at bay with the latest and greatest anti-spam software. There is nothing worse than a cold call or spam email!

Basically our main aim is to help and support fellow crafters in every way we can. We know how hard it Is to gain exposure on watered down sites where so many people are selling the same items and there is so much to choose from, with this in mind we won’t be accepting multiple of the same categories so that everyone will have a chance to shine and show off their wonderful makes. Being crafters ourselves we are only charging a small monthly fee just to cover admin fees and our time. We decided we weren’t adding commission to sales or any other fees as we believe everyone should make 100% profit on their hard work. We are offering free unlimited listing as we don’t believe in charging any listing fees as most sites are extortionate where they charge per listing as well as transaction fees on top. Here at handmade crafters uk the only fees you will pay is your own Paypal fees with no heavy transaction fees on everything you sell leaving you with less profit after sales.

We are here to support our sellers in every way possible, we are available 24/7 for any problems or questions. We want to build an online space where hard working crafters are celebrated and supported 100% of the time.

We would also like to take this time to thank everyone that has supported us and this site so far, we really do appreciate it.