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buy and sell handmade crafts uk

Buy and Sell with Handmade crafters UK, which is an online marketplace that celebrates the wonderful products from talented crafters, from all around the UK.

Here you will find nothing mass produced and all of the products are 100% handmade right here in the UK. Want something original? Well, that is where we come in because everything is handmade no two items are the same, meaning your product is unique and a one of a kind. Buy and Sell handmade crafts with confidence.

If you are interested in joining as a seller then you will be amazed to find out that we offer your own dedicated shop, run by you, unlimited product listings and no commission. Wondering how you can sign up? Easy! Head over to our Sellers Area to find out what you get and what our fees are. Take advantage of our set up and get yourself out there using our platform.

Whether you are looking for a personalized gift or something truly unique, we really do have something for everyone. All of our incredible sellers are meticulously vetted, and selected so you can be assured that all products available here are in compliance with EU regulations. 

We help talented crafters go from just selling at events, to having their own shop, where they can interact with their customers, gain insights into their products, keep track of what's hot and what's not, market trends etc. By doing this we help keep human interaction alive in an ever-changing world, where everything is being computerized and automated. We hope to help deliver that extra little something that makes shopping for loved ones, or looking for something special or a one of a kind so memorable.

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buy and sell handmade crafts uk

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buy and sell handmade crafts uk

We Take Security Seriously!

We take security very seriously here so all of our crafters are meticulously vetted to ensure they only sell 100% handmade items and that with our encryption your email addresses stay secure, payment details are encrypted and protected and that your accounts are only ever accessed by you! We hate bots and spammers so we keep those at bay with the latest and greatest anti-spam software. There is nothing worse than a cold call or spam email!